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32 weeks with my baby boy! You’re getting so big! I love you, Thomas.
I was hoping I would make it through my pregnancy without getting any stretch marks on my belly. I already had them on my sides and the inside of my thighs. I knew those would get worse, but this past week or so, the belly stretch marks have started to appear. While I’m still a little insecure about it, I know that my body is doing what it has to do to provide for my precious baby boy. I’d do anything for my son. And if that means adding some stripes to my skin, so be it :) I love you, Thomas! Can’t wait to meet you, baby boy!

Amber Fillerup-barefootblonde and her daugther
Ahoy! It’s a boy! 

I had such an amazing time at my baby shower back home! Thomas is so lucky to have so many amazing people in his life! More pictures to come!